What are the Student Visa Requirements for Russia?

The initial step required to move forward with the visa is to receive a letter of invitation and acknowledgment of a support letter from the Russian institution you will be studying at. Once the University has given you the acceptance you will be required to pay a fee then you will receive the invitation letter. Once you have received the letter of invitation you will visit the Russian Embassy to get further details and the visa application. The student visa requirements for Russia vary for each country but you can find a general guideline below:

  • Visa Application (Must be thoroughly completed to avoid any delays)
  • Passport (Original Copy Required)
  • Photographs (Passport Size Photos should be taken 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)
  • Letter of Invitation from an accredited Russian institution (Original Copy)
  • Medical Exam Certificate (Original Copy)
  • Financial Statement i.e. Chequing Account, Savings Account, etc. (Original Copy)
  • Airline Ticket Round-trip (Original Copy)
  • Ensure the documents have been attested and translated In the Russian Language by Authorized Legal Representative

You should expect to wait up to 5 weeks for the processing and approval of the Russian student visa. Your student visa will be approved for three months and once you arrive in Russia you will be allowed to extend the visa on a yearly basis according to the duration of your education program. When you arrive at the airport you will be required to fill out the migration form and

the authorities will grant you a migration card that will be valid for the duration of your stay. Within 7 days of being in Russia, you must and should visit the local Administration Office of Immigration to apply for your Student Visa extension.

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