Students Life In Russia!

Every year a growing number of scholars choose Russia because the place where they might wish to study.
The adaptation of foreign students to the new environment should be flexible. the scholars are therefore to think about a particular level of base preparation, level of Russian knowledge, individual ability to training, the feature of national mentality.

One of the key aspects of the students` adaptation to training is that the understanding of a replacement system of education and its acceptance. the tutorial systems of the USA, European countries and Russia differ on some items. one among the foremost important psychological aspects is that the scholars don’t address the teachers by their first names but rather by their first and patronymic names.

The study of Russian doesn’t cause many difficulties and is usually provided at a really high level. the most preparation of foreign students is that the fast and effective mastering of Russian. the higher the language is learned, the simpler adaptation will happen; the faster foreign students cease to hesitate to deal with the requests and questions in Russian.