Study In Russia

One of the world’s quickest growing economies, Russia is keen to draw in additional international students. The Ministry of Education and Science is finance within the educational activity system, and increasing support for college students. Russia is quickly turning into a fascinating destination for college students from round the world.

Education System

As a nation, Russia places a high worth on education system within the world, this respect for education is mirrored within the quality of Russian universities, which magnetize over 250,000 foreign students annually. Russia’s prime universities are situated in capital of the Russian Federation. Russian universities tend to supply courses in barely one or 2 main subjects, that is one issue that stops them from moving in a higher place the planet rankings, in spite of the work ethic or quality of education one would receive there. And don’t be fooled–Russian students tend to be very smart and intended, and you’ll be thrown right within the combine with them.


Russia has one national language, that is Russian. There are but, thirty five totally different official languages recognized throughout the country.
Higher education in Russia is sometimes still schooled in Russian. However, as there are a lot of international students choosing Russia, there’s associate increasing quantity of courses offered in English. while there are a couple of at college man level, it’s a lot of common to seek out these at postgraduate level. If you are doing would like to review a program in Russian, it’s going to be needed that you just additionally take a Russian language course aboard. If you study during a non-native language (Russian or English), you will be needed to supply proof of your proficiency. If you are doing not meet the desired standards, you will be able to take a language course to assist you improve.
Even if you’re able to study in English, you must build a shot to find out the maximum amount Russian as you’ll. this can build your lifestyle easier. act with locals and alternative students is that the excellent thanks to apply. Having an additional language may be a talent that appears nice on your CV/resume!


If you want to check in Russia, you may want a student visa. this is often a method that’s usually done by your establishment. Once you’ve got formally been offered an area, the international department can complete the applying for you. inside seven days of your arrival in Russia, you may ought to register the visa. The visa is merely valid for 3 months after you at first get it, thus you may ought to extend it once you’re within the country. after you extend it, you may probably even be asked to require a medical checkup and HIV take a look at.