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Study in Russia 2022-2023! Apply Now!

Study in Russia for an international student’s application form!

    Any information you provide will not be used for other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party.


    When will a decision be made on my application?2020-06-02T14:45:36+03:00

    We review all documents prior of submitting to universities, to make sure all documents are in order.

    Do I need to submit Portfolio?2020-06-02T14:43:44+03:00

    Its not required by standards, but some universities may require a letter of recommendation especially for postgraduate applicants.

    Can I transfer my credits to Russia?2020-06-02T14:42:15+03:00

    Yes. You will need to provide us with your current documents for review, then we will advise you accordingly.

    How do I apply for campus housing or Apartment?2020-06-02T14:39:45+03:00

    We will manage to reserve from your admission until you arrive for a soft landing and arrive.

    Can I send documents in e-mail attachment?2020-06-02T14:27:33+03:00

    Yes. But first, you need to complete the above online application form, next one of our advisors will contact you by email, for sending your documents for review.

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