5 Tips To Help You Build Your Case & Convince Your Parents
You’re their little baby, their pride and joy, so the idea of you running away to the other side of the world to study abroad in a foreign country can be a terrifying thought for your parents. At first, when you tell them you’re considering study abroad, they may not comprehend the amazing opportunities and benefits that this could present. Instead, all they hear is that you’re going to be wandering the big, scary wide world all by yourself.
With the right approach, you can show them right off the bat how studying abroad can lead to academic success, improved career prospects, and newfound independence. We’ve outlined five tips on how best to convince your parents to let you study abroad.

1. Be prepared

Do your research and know as much about the program, the university, and the country as possible. Get good grades at school, start studying the language and culture, and show your parents that you are serious about studying abroad, that you’ve thought about it and that it isn’t just a spur of the moment decision.

2. Research finance options

Studying abroad can be an expensive venture and can be one of the first issues that parents foresee, especially if they think you expect them to pay for it. Producing well thought out budgets, possible funding, options, and even putting away some savings yourself can go a long way to ease your parents’ mind on financial issues and show your commitment to studying abroad.

3. Outline the many benefits

Make sure they realize that studying abroad isn’t just one big party holiday. You’re going to a foreign country to learn, study, experience, and explore. Those who speak multiple languages or have experience in other industries and markets have remarkably improved career prospects, getting education abroad can help refocus you on your studies, meaning you’ll be producing better grades. You’ll also get to experience another way of life and do some traveling, making you a more worldly and independent person.

4. Ensure them you’ll stay in touch

Your parents are going to miss you! The good news is, with Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and other social platforms, it has never been easier (or cheaper) to stay in contact with friends and family all around the world. If your parents don’t currently use any of these platforms, set them up and teach them how to use it and come up with a plan on how to stay in regular contact with them to let them know you are well, safe, and having the most amazing time!

5. Put yourself in their shoes

Most importantly, make sure you consider how they may see and feel about things throughout the whole process. This way, you will be able to foresee any issues or reservations they may have and present a well-thought-out sensible answer to ease their fears and strengthen your case.

And finally: let them know that there is a reliable group on-site which will care on you since your first step in Russia or even before: we provide students with all the information required for the decision-making, offer the documents for getting a Russian student visa, organize airport pick up and transportation to the campus, offer personal assistance in orientation and registration with the university. We will be nearby during all periods of your study in Russia!

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